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  • The campsite is situated close to the festival site (2 minutes walk) and opens on Friday at 11am. Arriving earlier is not recommended as you will find yourself in front of closed gates. The site will close at 4pm Sunday
  • Camping is only permitted in the designated area. Wild campers will be cautioned and fined by the wardens / security guards and will be forced to leave immediately.
  • Every user of the camping will have to pay a one-time fee at the entrance or by pre-sale ticket to the campsite and will receive a camping-wristband.  Attendees who decide not to use the camping may purchase Friday and/or Saturday day time tickets at the entrance or by pre-sale ticket. ALL SALES ARE FINAL
  • One can leave or renter the campsite with a valid camping-wristband around-the-clock.
  • At the entrance checks your luggage may be checked for prohibited items. Be aware, that these checks are also conducted for your own safety.
  • No private vehicles are permitted on the campsite at any time. The camp-users’ cars may be parked on the adjacent parking – this parking is reserved for camping users.
  • Due to technical reasons it is not possible to park caravans, minibuses or similar vehicles on the campsite. We reserve a separated area for minibuses, RV’s, & caravans. The respective spot will be allocated to you by the Fourth of July Weekend Camping Getaway wardens. Please be aware that no water or electricity supplies are available.
  • The climbing over barriers (construction fences, deer fencing etc.) is strictly prohibited. In case of infringement, the waiver of access (i.e. the camping-wristband) will be confiscated.
  • Please do not destroy any natural barriers such as trees or hedges on the campsite.
  • The organizer is not liable for damages or losses that occur to the festival guest through theft, burglary, fire, or acts of God.
  • No glass allowed.
  • Petrol-driven power-units are not permitted because of fire hazard and noise pollution.
  • Open fires are strictly prohibited on the entire site! Exceptions are charcoal barbeques. Please make sure that there is enough distance kept to adjacent tents. Please do not attempt to cook something inside your tent – that is very dangerous!
  • Not permitted are furnishings such as sofas, armchairs, building material, bulky waste, liquid barbeque charcoal lighter, and fridges.
  • Not permitted are spades, hand guns, and any kind of weapons.
  • Not permitted are loud music and megaphones.
  • The selling of goods (food and non-food items) is prohibited.
  • The distribution of any kind of promotion material is not permitted (we would like to avoid waste).
  • With exception to guide-dogs, animals are not permitted.
  • Adequate checks will be carried out.
  • If someone seriously annoys someone else and/or disregards the rules, he or she will be suspended from the campsite!

We appeal to you to respect every single one of these rules.

Please be friendly to the environment

Please make sure to dispose of your waste entirely so that we can return the site unharmed back to nature.

The site consists of land belonging to local farmers who are friendly enough to allow us to dispose of it for the time of the festival. All damages must be paid for. Hence no bottle lids, broken pieces of glass, cigarette buds or other things must be left behind on the campsite. Please collect even your neighbors trash to fill up your trashbags.

Climate and environment protection are big themes for open air events. Fourth of July Weekend Camping Getaway  would like to show ALL of its guests that a weekend of music and entertainment can also be environmentally conscious. Enormous trash production has become a problem for our festival over the last few years. In order to be able to use the agricultural land for camping in the future, a great improvement is necessary. We need your support to make festival camping secure. You can actively participate in being environmentally friendly thought of being a good festival Samaritan. Over the course of the festival, cleaners will continuously maintain the festival site; including areaways and larger alleys included on the campsite premises.